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OFFER / Filling Armature

Filling Armature

Making use of the systems aimed at choosing measures for filling, it appears necessary to lead interconnections of aqueducts in pavement pits.

Those interconnections, due to the development of walls, getting new walls to work, getting new parts of bases to work, require constant renovation.

What appears to be exceptionally useful for such renovations, are the elements of filling armature offered by us: rotation joints, wedge bolts, ball joints.

  • The rotation joints improve and smoothen the installment of filling pipelines, adjusting them to any chosen configuration of pits.
  • The wedge bolts provides full seal, it is easy to install and really light.
  • The ball joints built into filling walls with mechanical casing allow to move certain parts of the casing without the need of taking the pipelines apart.

The armature has a safety certificate.

Wedge Bolts fi150 Wedge Bolts fi185 Rotation Joints
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