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pompa górnicza PZ22GK*

OFFER / Pumps for the Water and Sewage

Submersible Mud Pumps for the Water and Sewage
Management System

The pumps are purposed for the water and sewage management system, especially to pump away urban sewage in pumping stations and sewage treatment facilities.

The construction of the pumps takes into account the specifics of urban sewage via:

  • the usage of water assemblies (impeller, the pump base, elements of suction and compression assemblies), which guarantees “free pass” of pollution with high diametres,
  • verified solutions of seal joints,
  • a complete set of sensors, which allow to monitor the pumps’ performance,
  • excessively designed, excellent drive unit.


PZM-75K PZM-110K PZM-150K
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