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pompa górnicza OPZ4*


Submersible Mud Pumps PSZ and Submersible Pumps PZ, OPZ

pompy szlamowe zatapialne KSK

1. Purpose

Waterproof pumps type PZ / PSZ made by KSK Ruda Śląska, are used to pump highly polluted liquid with solid up to 50 mm. Drainage submersible pumps type OPZ are designed to pump clean and contaminated water with solid up to 15 mm.


  • removing mud from its tank,
  • removing water in mines,
  • removing water from longwalls,
  • pumping and removing mud,
  • cleaning containers.

2. Construction

Mud pumps type PZ / PSZ have been constructed basing upon the technical conditions, which can be found in various production centres, especially mines, power plants and refineries. The purposeful resignation of cooling the engine down with a pumped medium allows to use the pumps in extremely difficult conditions. The OPZ series of drainage pumps supplement KSK's offer of pumps whose engine is cooled by a pumped medium.

The waterproof mud pumps are provided with ATEX and can be used in mines’ undergrounds.

3. Installation

The pumps should be installed and used according to technical documentation. The pumps should work with full or part submergence.

Armature of filling pipelines:

Armature of filling pipelines:

  • Rotating joints Ø185 per pressure 6,4 MPa,
  • Wedge bolt for filling pipelines Ø185 per pressure 6,4 MPa
  • Wdge bolt Ø150 per pressure 10 MPa.

Services provided by KSK Sp. z o.o.:

  • Pump renovation
  • Pump rent
  • Cutting Alteration
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